In Love With Autumn Forests

Janek Sedlar who specific on taking landscape photograph with a surreal twist. He was a young self-taught photographer from the Czech Republic.
Most of his photos was taken in his home region of Moravia and around the White Carpathians nature reserve.
He said in his interviewed with interesting photographers, his photos was inspired from the daily life, nature, his feelings and thoughts. He felt returned back to childhood when he was in these woods and meadows. And he tried to share these moments with his camera.
More Info: | Facebook | 500px | Flickr (h/t: interestingphotographers)|BoredPanda

Call of wandering
1Kingdom of silence
2Lane of elders
3Fog in the red forest
4Dream inside a dream
5Autumn prayers
6Place for dreaming
7Angels alongside our path
8Feel of amber happiness
9Forest cathedral
10Awaken soul
11Carpathian dreaming
12Shaman’s road on the other side
13The path
14Be on the road with warmly thoughts
15Mesmerizing poetry of autumn
16Forest conjuration
17Carpathian kingdom
18Autumnal ambient from within
19Hidden beneath the leaves

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