Elephant Street Art In South African By Artist Falko

Falko the Cape Town graffiti artist has started paints his way across South Africa, from 13th of May to 31st of October last year. The project called “Once Upon A Town”, was photographed by Luke Daniel.

“Add a little paint and it’s not just a scruffy shack anymore,” Falko told the Red Bull crew. “It’s a shack with artwork on it, part of a huge open-air art gallery. It changes everyone’s perception.”

Falko has been on the graffiti scene since 1988, when he painted his first wall at Westridge High School in Mitchell’s Plain, and is “regarded as an integral part of the foundation and development of South Africa’s graffiti scene.”

More Info: falkostarr.wix.com | Instagram | Facebook (h/t: BBC, redbull) | BoredPanda

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