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Would you prefer to satisfy the pensioner feline living on this earth? Well it boggles the mind that a 26 years of ages feline (determined to 121 years in feline life) never ever drops in its age. Yes Corduroy is a naughty oldie feline however declines functioning as one. After clinching the title in “Guinness World Records” for being the earliest enduring feline on this earth, it still delves into the counters in addition to satisfactions himself hanging around outdoors. The feline was embraced from among the shelters in Oregon at the time its holder Reed Okura was simply 7 years of age. It is still going strong and healthy. So look out for Amazing fantastic oldest cat cream puff today.

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Corduroy was adopted from a shelter in Oregon in 1989


Now he holds the Guinness World Record for the world`s oldest living cat


Corduroy is now 26 years old which would be 121 in cat years!


But he still acts like a youngster


“Corduroy certainly does not act his age – he still jumps onto counters and jumps down,” said Reed


“Every night, he glides up our flight of stairs and jumps onto our bed and sleeps with us before waking us up every morning around 5am”


“I strongly believe the key to his longevity is the fact we did not declaw him and allowed him to go outside”


“He was able to defend himself and exercise his body and mind by hunting”


“Corduroy still catches critters but is not as good as he once was, thankfully”


The cat has a mellow personality and loves cuddles and cat naps in the sun!


He enjoys the attention he gets from other people, and is patient with children


Corduroy was adopted when his owner Reed was only 7 years old


“It is an honour to have Corduroy in our life, I honestly don’t remember much of my life without him”


“He is a wonderful companion and I hope to give him a happy and healthy life for many more years”


The oldest cat ever lived was 38-year-old Crème Puff, so Corduroy still has many golden years ahead of him!

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