Amazing Dream box Arts

Brittany Cox, aka “Britthebadger” an artist and dreamer from Seattle. He has always had a knack for working with his hands, a trait that he inherited from his dad. After spending a few years exploring different mediums through costume creation and design, he was having a hard time and felt as though he had lost his way.

Once he was invited to an art gallery showing to cheer him up, and he saw a beautiful light box someone had made. He was fascinated by the combination of drawing, paper cutting, and light, and seeing that piece helped me rediscover his passion for art. After that he discovered and started creating dream boxes in March of 2016!

His goal of a dream box is to bring a little light into someone’s day with something beautiful that draws people into another world.

He hand draw and hand cut each original design. He also live stream the entire creation process of his dream boxes via Twitch if you want to watch, hang out, and ask questions.

More info: Etsy | Instagram | Facebook

#1 Rapture Of The Deep

#2 The New Wind

#3 Morning’s Pride

#4 Dandelion Breeze

#5 A Good Death

#6 What Lies Beneath

#7 Shadow And Flame

#8 The Heart Of The Forest

#9 We Are Groot

#10 Knight Of Flowers

#11 We’re All Mad Here

#12 Rascals In The Library

#13 The Tide Rises

#14 Flight Of Memory

#15 The Gazing Pool

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