Amazing ‘Paint’ From Needle and Thread

Wow, it is a really amazing ‘Paint’ from a young woman.

A 23 years old, from Tbilisi, Georgia, Meko Gelashvili. She is an embroidery art lover.

She’s using satin stitch embroidery and ribbon stitch embroidery techniques. Each of her works took 1 to 3 weeks to finish.

Check below for her amazing works. More Info: BoredPanda

Nature (finished)

Nature (work in progress)

‘Cafe Terrace At Night’ (finished)

‘Cafe Terrace At Night’ (work in progress)

Landscape (finished)

‘Woman In A Garden’ (finished)

‘Woman In A Garden’ (work in progress)

Nature (finished)

Landscape (finished)

‘The Starry Night’ (work in progress)

‘Fishing Boats On The Beach At Saintes-Maries’ (finished)

My imaginary world

‘The Kiss’ (finished)

Nature (finished)

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