Extremely remarkable synesthesia in music

As an art and music lover the particular post is a have to read . Missouri-based artisan Melissa McCracken paints music . The sounds that she hears daily – whether it’s someone’s name or a tune on the radio are interpreted into dynamic, terrific hues that share the rhythm of tunes . Her striking imaginative productions stem from her yearning to capture her everyday experiences with the goal that could understand the fantastic, immersed world she possesses . To demonstrate to indications of enhancement sensation of just what the artisan experienced as she made every artistic development , tap the song title beneath every image to pay attention to the music that propelled such spectacular jobs.

So check out seeing colour in music today.

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Radiohead – Lucky

Prince – Joy in Repetition

David Bowie – Life on Mars?

Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing

John Lennon – Imagine

Glass Animals – Flip

Soulive – Interlude II

Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, Tonight

Led Zeppelin – Since I’ve Been Loving You

John Mayer – Gravity

Airhead – Callow

Radiohead – Karma Police

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