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Interdisciplinary craftsman and picture taker Teun Hocks combines his differed interests for craftsmanship in his multilayered manifestations that untruth some location amongst pictures and artistic productions. It’s a drawn-out method that includes the consolidation of numerous mediums to provide every shot at the same time; at last, we’re compensated with some extremely dreamlike delineations of a more experienced respectable male making a brief effort of presence with a robust measurement of lowliness. Serving as both image taker and model , Hocks stays in as the subject in each of his modernistic photos , providing the numerous responses of exactly what some might allude to as a psychological disaster. The Dutch image taker’s plans of photographic manifestations help me to keep in mind GilberGarcin’s variety of work that, too, thinks about a guy ‘s remaining in life. While they contrast stylishly, they share a similar particularity in their substance .

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