Amazing great cave painting

Art is considered as one of the greatest weapons to reveal our declarations on the reflection of different social and political problems . Historians have found a number of cavern arts and we can get to be accustomed with them through the findings. Remarkably, we normally become astonished to see that how lovely a pre-mature ancient man can draw! In the above discussed link you will discover several stunning cavern paintings from ancient time and each of them expresses the ethnic charm of the forgotten past. If you want to experience them, go to the above discussed link and take pleasure in. So have a look at paleolithic period art you always needed. If you’re browsing for paleolithic paintings, you have stay on the best blog post.

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1. Lascaux Cave Paintings: the prehistoric Sistine Chapel

2.Altamira Cave Paintings: as Picasso famously exclaimed, “after Altamira, all is decadence”

3.Chauvet Cave Paintings: spectacular artwork

4.Magura Cave Paintings: peeking into the prehistoric world

5.Cosquer Cave Paintings: an underwater cave from up to 27,000 years ago

6.Font de Gaume Cave Paintings: the best example of polychrome painting

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