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It is an apparent case that many individuals do not have the tendency to utilize their umbrellas too often up until and unless it begins drizzling greatly out there or the scorching heat of the sun is too hot to resist . Well, the pictures published in this segment possibly make you think twice on your opinion of thinking about the job of carrying your umbrella is absolutely nothing but an unpleasant experience. These cool and ingenious designs for umbrellas will make you fall for your old ” friend ” once again for sure! What are you waiting for? Go through it and get your preferred design.

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1. F*ck The Rain Umbrella

From the rain’s point of view.

Let the sky know how you feel when it’s raining. (Designer: Art Lebedev Studio)

2. Goggles Umbrella

For all you detectives out there! Spies and scuba divers alike will appreciate the secret, goggle-shaped window umbrellas. (Designer: 25 Togo Studio)

3. Full Body Umbrella

The only umbrella that will keep you 100% dry. (photo by yamuhaton)

4. Sky Umbrella

Humor and surprise are two of the designer Tibor Kalman’s hallmarks, as witnessed by this view of a blue sky on a most probably gray day. MoMA’s witty umbrella with an eternally cheerful sky is known and enjoyed throughout the world. (buy)

5. Wheel & Seal Umbrellas

Terrible weather can make anyone easily depressed. For this reason, Taiwanese designers have created “wheel” and “seal” umbrellas for children. First design features wheels that leave impressions of smiley faces on the floor using puddles left over from the rain. An alternative version titled “seal umbrella” stamps wet smiley faces on the pavement.[2] (Designers: Yu-ting Cheng, Yu-hsun Chung, Shaw-chen Chen)

6. Clock Parasol

Japanese designer has designed a parasol with a built in sun dial to be read from underneath. One rotates the umbrella and the handle mounted compass to find magnetic north, correctly orienting the inside graphics. Based on the curvature of the earth,the sun lights the umbrella from the back and is allowed to mark the approximate time. [1(Designer: Kota Nezu)

7. Dualbrella

This merger of two umbrellas eliminates the jockeying for position that occurs when two people compete for adequate coverage underneath a typical umbrella. (buy)

8. Cup Holder Umbrella

A handle will let one hold a paper cup or a coffee cup while holding onto the umbrella. (Designer: Ek Design)

9. The Inside Out Umbrella

This umbrella can be inverted into a small bag. (Designer: Seung Hee Son)

10. Water Gun Umbrella

This unique, funnel shaped umbrella harnesses the flow of rainwater down into its handle, a water pistol. The user can fire at will, maintaining a constant flow of water as long as rain continues to fall! (Designer: Alex Wooley)

11. The Backpack Umbrella

An umbrella that is worn on the back, providing rain and sun protection while keeping the hands free. (buy)

12. Umbrellas for the Civil but Discontent Man

Umbrellas for the Civil but Discontent Man combines a symbol of gentlemanly refinement – the full-sized, dark umbrella – with an element of more manly sword-bearing times. The umbrellas offer brief psychological respite from the dictates of social amiability; aggressive fantasies are allowed and encouraged on the daily commute to the office. The effete civilian’s grasp of the handle takes him into the world of the masterful samurai, the medieval barbarian, or the triumphant cavalryman. (buy)

13. Light Drops Umbrella

As water pours over the surface, potential energy from raindrops slamming onto the conductive membrane called PDVF transforms into electrical energy powering embedded LEDs sending your umbrella ablaze with light. The heavier the rain, the brighter the light to help you see your way. (Designer: Sang-Kyun Park)

14. Off The Course Umbrella

This umbrella was inspired by designer’s rainy day golf outings. While living in Scotland, he and his friends often found themselves carrying golf clubs and umbrellas simultaneously, which struck inspiration in the young designer. Made of steel, fiberglass, polyester, and rubber. This product is an umbrella and should not be used as a golf club. (Designer: Sebastian Errazuriz)

15. The Dogbrella

This inverted bumbershoot forms a waterproof cocoon around a small dog, enabling canine and master to maintain a walking regimen in inclement weather. (buy)

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