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This section tells the enduring story of a blue Russian feline called “Kevin.” He constantly has an expression of being shocked on his face and there is a huge story behind it. Kevin was discovered in a particular parking lot at the age of simply 4 weeks. He was required to the veterinarians and they did not anticipate a survival from him as his condition was really important. Tailah, his human pointed out in a current interview that Kevin utilized to have Hydrocephalus, which is a condition that includes fluid on its brain. Everyone believed that Kevin may need a seizure however he endured remarkably.

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Meet Kevin, the cat who always looks surprised

He was found in a car park and brought to a vet clinic when he was just 4 weeks old

He was not like the other kittens, though; he had a serious condition

“His outlook when he first arrived at the clinic was not good at all,” Kevin’s owner Tailah told Bored Panda

“He would peck at the food so hard that he would literally bang his head on the floor”

“I was worried that his sight was much worse than we initially thought but he continued to improve!”

Kevin has Hydrocephalus: “a condition involving fluid on the brain”

“The biggest concern was that it would cause Kevin to seizure”

“But 4 years later and he’s never had one”

“He is strictly an indoor cat”

“Though he has an enclosed balcony with a castle and toys and he also has access to our side courtyard”

“He is so playful!”

“He does laps of the house at 2am in the morning like any other cat and is so affectionate!”

“I always had a gut feeling that he was going to be a miracle kitten”

“…but I didn’t know whether that was because I got attached within 5 seconds of meeting him…”

“…and knew I wouldn’t be able to let him go!”

Happy 4th birthday, Kev!

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