Amazing outstanding army rangers in Afghanistan

Africa, well-known for its forests and wild life, a lot of them of rare species classification, is plagued by unlawful poaching. It is condemned in unquestionable terms for 2 reasons : one, because, the hunters kill the animals and cause immense damage to the ecological system; and, two , because the animal fans, though hurt, are powerless to prevent it. For Kinessa Johnson, a badass United States Army veteran with experience as a weapons instructor and mechanic, the experience is different . Now she works for VETPAW (Veterans Empowered To Secure African Wildlife), imparting expert training to the African rangers in marksmanship, concealing, intelligence and monitoring strategies to assist record unlawful poachers.

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Meet Kinessa Johnson

She helps African park rangers track and capture illegal poachers

Serving for 4 years in the US Army as a weapons instructor and mechanic has given her the skills she needs to train them

“I patrol routinely with them and also assist in intelligence operations”

“Our intention is not to harm anyone; we’re here to train park rangers so they can track and detain poachers and ultimately prevent poaching.”

She works together with other veterans through VETPAW (Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife)

“Most of the time anyone that is in a reserve with a weapon is considered a threat and can be shot if rangers feel threatened”

“Our goal is to prevent trigger pulling through strategic movements and methods of prevention.” She says she’s not a “poacher hunter,” but a trainer”

VETPAW works primarily in East Africa

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