Amazing unique baby moose sounds

Polar bears are really cute and cute for their charming body shape and persona . So there has been a double dose of cuteness when a polar bear was discovered sleeping with packed animals. Last Friday the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Powell of Ohio had released a video online where a lovable polar bear was seen sleeping with a stuffed Moose. The bear was abandoned by her mom who out of depression left him and thus now he is being cared for by the Zoo professors. Take a look at this lovable polar bear in the video and like the cuteness surrounding the minute.

So have a look at polar bear sounds right now. If you are trying to check for stuffed animal polar bear, you have land on the perfect lading page.

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This poor baby polar bear was abandoned by her mother

“The sound that she makes in the video is of contentment,” says the care staff

Listen to her below!

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