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The shared images reveal the reality that Iranian females are posting photos with their hair flying complimentary in protest of stringent Hijab laws. The entire thing was stared when Masih Alinejad published photos of herself with and without a Hijab veil. As per records around 3.6 million women in Iran were warned , fined or detained for not wearing hijabs in 2014. Masih Alinejad is not going to take this one seriously. She has actually been residing in the U.S.A, and being an activist for ladies ‘s rights as well as an opponent of the Iranians and their laws on hijab wearing . In the shared images one can see her with a free-flowing thoroughly on display screen.

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In year 2014, 3.6 million women in Iran were warned, fined or arrested for not wearing hijabs

Masih Alinejad protested by inviting women to share pics of themselves without their veils

“As a kid, my brother was a symbol of freedom that I didn’t have. How he was free to run in a green lovely farm”

“Two women with head scarves, and two women without head scarves. Look at how they are free!”

After she posted her own photos with and without a hijab veil, others followed suite

“Some of the pictures come from young girls saying that they just want to feel the wind in their hair. It’s a simple demand”

“My mother wants to wear a scarf. I don’t want to wear a scarf. Iran should be for both of us.”

Alinejad’s Facebook group, My Stealthy Freedom, already has more than 820,000 followers silently protesting Iran’s hijab law

Check out this video to learn more about My Stealthy Freedom:

See some of their submissions below!

#1 ‎My Stealthy Freedom

#2 I Hate All The Fake Hijabs, All The Meaningless Believes Cruelly Forced

#3 It’s Sad That My Pretty Black Hair’s Going Grey And It Hasn’t Seen The Wind, Sun, Or Rain Yet

#4 I Like Myself And I Will Fight For A Free Life That Is Rightfully Mine

#5 It’s An Amazing Feeling When Wind Tangles Your Hair Under The Blue Sky

#6 Let’s Remove The Veil

#7 Enjoying The Wind Passing Through Our Hair. Something That’s So Obviously A Man’s Right Is Considered An Illegal Offensive Act For Me And My Sister

#8 Being Yourself Gives Such Wonderful Pleasure

#9 Let It Go

#10 Hoping For The Ultimate Freedom Of Iranian Women

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