Highly simple doll makeup look

Possibly , in the name of fashion , dolls are made semi-clad or not dressed together with elegant makeups, often disturbing the visitors. Feeling annoyed, an Australian mother collected the dolls from the elite shops and pointer shops near Tasmania.
Mostly the dolls had no dresses , and red, thick lipstick decorated (spoiled ) their lips. The mama feared such dolls might send out incorrect messages to consumers and kids. She felt she needs to do something to remedy the trend whereupon she started restoring them. Sonia, the Australian mommy stitched and sewed suitable gowns and put them on the dolls, remedying other make ups consisting of the ones on the lips when the dolls looked extremely good.

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Before and After

Day spa

The whole gang in the garden

Sonia, the artist behind the dolls

The ‘making of’ video:

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