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If you start sobbing right after going through the title then it is reasonable enough. A Kelpie called “Maggie,” who was thought about as the oldest living canine on earth died quietly . She was at the age of 30 when her owner first observed her health condition is sinking a little bit . Brian McLaren, her owner stated that Maggie was buried besides another canine of him beneath a pine tree . The real age of Maggie can not be validated as the documents went missing out on since she was a puppy . However Brian clarified that she was at the age of 30 while she died. A Thirty Years old canine just looks like with a 133 years of age human being! The title provided here is quite justified .

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Maggie the Kelpie could be the oldest dog in the world at an impressive thirty human years of age. STREAM 7 News LIVE at 6pm: http://yhoo.it/1KOa9Vp#7News

Posted by 7 News Perth on Thursday, November 5, 2015

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