Highly special Mario monsters

In case your feline happens to be a Super Mario fan, you can make an incredibly Chain Chomp beast bed for your animal . People behind the furniture maker Catastrophicreations have actually produced a cool feline furniture from large foam balls coated with epoxy resin. The bed is linked to the box with a chain and it has hidden hinges for utilizing as storage of cat items . This page highlights various actions on how this cool bed was made. You may browse through the page for making a comparable cat bed for your family pet felines.

So start looking for mario brothers furniture now. If you’re finding for cat on a bed, you have actually come on the awesome post page.

More Info: Etsy | catastrophicreations.com

My cat Ickle scoping out the threat level

Chain Chomp started out as a giant Styrofoam ball

I wanted the body to have a metal texture, so I used a product for making set props and then covered everything in many coats of epoxy

The body has the eyes, teeth, and inside the mouth all have a gloss finish to give them a wet look

For me, Chain Chomp was a labor of love

After all the layers of different products, Chain Chomp is super durable, but still very light

I made sure all the products were completely non-toxic and pet safe

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