Pretty lovely traveling cat

Gandalf, the 2 year old cat from Siberia, lives in California delights in taking a trip a lot more than other felines. His Instagram images will make anybody jealous who likes to travel as you will find him in numerous dreamy locations like beside beaches or lighthouses or in snowy forests. He likes taking a trip with his owners and they have been taking him out because he was just a few weeks old. As of now , he has taken a trip to 2 countries along with 8 states and Gandalfs’s owners are intending on transferring to New york city this year. Click this link to see photos of him in numerous areas.

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More Info: Instagram (h/t: lovemeow) | BoredPanda

“We started taking him out with us since he was just a few weeks. He loves it!”

“He loves his leash! As soon as we pick it up he runs to the door and sits down for us to put it on. He is a travel bug”

“We recently took our kitty Gandalf on our road trip”

“He really enjoyed seeing all the new places and making friends with the fellow campers”

“We adopted him while we were living in Korea from a veterinary office,” said Gandalf’s humans

“He was only 5 weeks old and had a respiratory infection but the vet was great and helped us fix him right up”

“We knew we won the kitty lotto once we got him home”

“He is bigger and fluffier now but still has the kitten playful purrsonality”

“We hope his adventures inspire you to share some of the world with your kitty”

Gandalf’s owners are planning to move to New Zealand in 2016

The cat even has his own pawsport!

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