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Ever thought how it would be if the everyday items you see and utilize offered themselves a remodeling and changed the method they are? Well, that is what Sebastian Errazuriz from Chile (though he resides in New York City now) exactly does! The link provided here reveals a few of his innovative transformations to daily things, and the fascinating appearance he provides them . From a mile-long tie to an umbrella that doubles up as a golf club, he makes things which will seriously challenge the way you consider your belongings . See for yourself some of the little marvels that this gifted artist has actually developed.

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Bear Fur

Teddy-bear-fur coat is an homage to the Campana Brothers and a wink at the 80s eco-friendly fur campaign that seems to be poignant today considering the comeback of furs in fashion runways.

Hanging Tie

There is no other clothing element in the male repertoire as socially symbolic and functionally useless as the tie. A modification in its length can suddenly illustrate its ancestral tyranny and offer new functionalities for this ridiculous piece of cloth that has dangled from our necks for generations.

Lego Motorcycle Helmet

Knuckle Belt

Off The Course Umbrella

This umbrella was inspired by designer Sebastian Errazuriz’s rainy day golf outings. While living in Scotland, he and his friends often found themselves carrying golf clubs and umbrellas simultaneously, which struck inspiration in the young designer. Made of steel, fiberglass, polyester, and rubber. This product is an umbrella and should not be used as a golf club.

Do It Right or Clean Suicide Helmet

Clean Suicide uses the helmets structural properties designed to contain the brain in case of a huge blow. In this case he inverted the concept; the helmet has a perforated side and a real gun permanently attached so that the suicidal person can put the helmet on, close the visor and shoot his brains out. Thanks to the “Clean Suicide” helmet, none of the friends or family have to clean the bits and pieces of brain from the walls afterwards.

Shoes From Recycled Soccer Balls

“In South America most kids only have one pair of shoes. They use the same shoes to go to church on Sunday or play soccer in the streets with their friends. As a consequence their shoes get torn quickly and their angry mothers are always trying to stop them from playing and avoid them ruining their shoes.Watching some kids play on a dirt field I realized there were several old punctured soccer balls lying around. I decided to recycle those old soccer balls and use that strong thick leather to make indestructible soccer shoes so kids could play soccer without worrying about their mothers,” says the artist.

Buckle Belt

Granny Lamp

Knitted electrical cable.

The Duck Lamp

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