Pretty simple Russian bear

This story has to do with “Stepan,” an animal bear who was adopted by Yuriy and Svetlana Panteleenko at the age of three . He was discovered in a really critical condition as he was weak enough by that time and fortunately was traced by some hunters in a dense forest. Being kind enough to the bad orphaned cub, the couple chose to embrace him and brought him home . Stepan has actually turned into 23 these days and has matured into a caring cute bear who simply likes to stroll around his home. He likewise has some pastimes like having fun with his people or helping them in gardening or viewing TV with them.

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This couple adopted Stepan when he was a 3-month-old orphaned cub

He was found by hunters in a forest very weak and lonely

But Svetlana and Yuriy nurtured him back to health

Now he’s a 23-year-old loving goofball!

“He absolutely loves people and is a really sociable bear”

“Despite what people might think, he is not aggressive at all”

“We have never been bitten by Stepan”

The bear eats 25kg of fish, vegetables and eggs every day!

He does enjoy his cup of tea, too

The gentle giant manages to stay in shape thanks to his love for games outdoors

But there’s nothing like snuggling with his humans on a couch…

And did we mention that gardening is his ultimate passion?

Watch the video here:

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