Pretty special giant houses

Overburdened with their expenditures and not having the ability to pursue their passion for writing and photography, Jenna Spesard and her partner Guillaume decided to make a small home on wheels for them. They left their tasks and started constructing their dream home and after a number of failures they were able turn their ideas into reality . Then they planned to travel around North America for one year for making their travelling portfolio about alternative houses . They took a trip for six months and stumbled upon many individuals residing in innovative homes. Check the page for their travel images.

So search for build a tiny house on wheels now. If you’re finding for tiny mobile, you have stay on the ideal page.

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Two years ago we were burdened by high rent, a multitude of belongings, college debt and careers

I was beginning to believe I’d never be able to pursue my passion for writing… but then we came across tiny houses!

We came up with a game plan: 1) Build a tiny home, 2) Travel around North America for one year, and 3) Create a travel journalism portfolio

We began our tiny house build with zero construction experience and a “we’ll learn as we go” attitude

What we didn’t realize was that we weren’t just building a home, we were also challenging ourselves to rethink the idea of “home” altogether

After dozens of mistakes, life lessons and a brutal downsize, we hit the road with our one-of-a-kind tiny house on wheels!

Six months and 10,000 miles later, our tiny abode has taken us on a wild adventure

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