Pretty superb cold in winter

Winters are both lovely as well as revolting as it varies from people to individuals. Some people simply enjoy them while lots of just can not stand them, but here we exist you on some amazing views if you can endure the chilly weather condition of this location. The location is Mongolia where in winter temperatures range from -20 degree Celsius to -45 degree Celsius, hence making the period extreme and likewise they are rather long too! Mostly travelers go to here during summertime for delighting in the comfy weather condition along with large landscapes. If you can stand up to the winter the views will definitely be worth it. Have an appearance at them in these photos here.So have a look at mongolia winter temperatures today. If you are trying to check for temperatures in mongolia, you have actually stay on the ideal post page.

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It doesn’t snow that much in Mongolia, but since temperatures never climb above 0 for several months, snow that fall stick and stas until the following summer.

This railway connects Beijing to Moscow and runs by way of Ulaanbaatar. The line was built between 1949 and 1961 and cuts across the Gobi desert and Siberia.

An outdoor basketball court, abandoned until the more friendly temperatures of summer.

With temperatures never rising above zero for several months, ice sculptures are one way the Mongolians celebrate the winter.

A unique countryside landscape of dried-out farm crops and snow.

A highway cuts through Mongolia’s desolate countryside.

Mongolia’s nomadic culture continues through the winter, now assisted by solar power.

A temple in Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar.

A rare, endangered subspecies of wild horse, once extinct in the wild, and now being bred and reintroduced back into their natural habitat in a national park in Mongolia.

A herd on top of a mountain in winter.

A woman brews Mongolia’s traditional milk tea, typically made with water, milk, tea, and salt. It is one of the most common drinks in Mongolia, especially in winter, and served to guests when they arrive at any home.

Travelers navigate an ice-covered platform in Ulaanbaatar as they board a train bound for Erenhot, China. Many Mongolians travel to China for shopping.

Cattle huddle together on a cold day in the countryside.

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