Quite genuine family of a lion

Here you will discover a close series of pictures of the lion called Neil, from the 70’s, of carrying a thrilling backstory which would remind everyone that, we will not ever really comprehend a wild animal’s mind.

Post their Africa trip , Tippi Hedren together with hubby Noel Marshall and likewise their child Melanie wished to guide a movie relating to the lives of lions. Ron Oxley, the animal fitness instructor, encouraged them if they are interested about knowing them, they must live with the Lions for some time and so they had the lion called Neil in living with them.

A recorded of their brand-new life was done Michael Rougier, a life photographer . Take a look at this section to view images of this family with the Lion. So start looking for lion lives with family right now. If you’re looking for lions family, you have land on the best post page.

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Neil the lion sleeping with Melanie Griffith in their home in Sherman Oaks, California, 1971

Melanie in a swimming pool with Neil (left) and a child playing with Neil (right)

Tippi Hedren resting her back on Neil while reading a newspaper

A housekeeper steps over Neil

Noel Marshall tries to work in his study with Neil on his desk

Tippi wrestling with Neil

Tippi raids the fridge and reads a newspaper with Neil

Melanie jumping into a swimming pool while Neil grabs her leg

Tippi playing with Neil

Neil in bed with Melanie

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